Asset Finance

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance is a way for businesses to raise funds to purchase or replace existing assets for the company. This type of finance is essentially a loan you use specifically to buy, or lease assets needed for your business.

We will provide you a fast, competitive quote to lease capital equipment necessary for running your business. This includes Plant, Vehicles, Production Equipment, IT and Telecoms Systems and even ‘Small Ticket’ items down to £2K in capital value

Asset finance or Leasing is a tax and cash efficient way of financing equipment for your business, it keeps the asset ‘off balance sheet’ and offers the following key benefits:


  • It provides you immediate use of the asset without paying for it all at once.
  • It frees up working capital and bank loan / overdraft facilities for business growth.
  • The Lease contract is structured for the length of time you require use of the asset.
  • Sale & Leaseback allows you to release capital in assets you already own.
  • It offers the most tax efficient structure for your business.
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Types of Asset Finance

Hire purchase is a common type of asset based lending. With hire purchase, you pay for the asset in instalments, at the end of the period the asset is owned by the business.

If you don’t want to buy the asset, you can lease it from a lender and pay monthly instalments for a set period. You have various options at the end of the lease.

Asset refinancing is where you have already invested in equipment, you want to release capital tied up in that asset. A lender buys your equipment, then leases it back to you over an agreed period of time.

Operating leases is similar to a regular finance lease, but the company that leases the item to you is responsible for maintenance costs.

Whatever your requirement for asset, machinery or vehicle leasing consult one of our team for a no obligation discussion, best advice and often a same day quotation. To arrange an appointment, call us or fill in the contact form and request a call back.

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