Our Mission

We're seriously passionate about what we do...

Our services reach far beyond financial advice.  We work with our clients to achieve their objectives and values building long term relationships with every client.  Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional team will work tirelessly to find the best financial solution for our clients’ need.  We make every experience outstanding.


Need help? Speak to Jabez on:
0333 567 8960 or email jp@financialservicesolutions.co.uk

So why us?

Whatever your Financial requirements we offer you a free, impartial and totally confidential initial consultation and we will quickly assess the options available to you.


Things are black and white with us, no grey...

Financial Service Solutions Ltd are whole of the market brokers. We can assess your options very quickly and guide you to the best solution available for your requirements. Although we deal with the High Street lenders, we consider other lenders whose lending criteria may be different, some even operate in niche loans and mortgage markets.