As Brokers, we are committed to providing clients with the most appropriate route to buy insurance

In today’s modern world, many people today refer to “life assurance” as “life insurance”.  Many companies also now market products as “life insurance”.  We have decided to refer to all products in our menu as “insurance” to make it easier to navigate and use.  Under this heading of Insurance, our menu would cover life protection products which would include income protections, critical illness and business protection – shareholder protection, partnership protection and executive income protection. 

Life Insurance

When clients are considering life protection, we access the “whole of market” as part of our research.  Working closely with our clients, and completing a full Fact Find; we understand what our clients’ needs are.  If you are a business or personal client, the information we collect helps us to establish what is important to you and we make our recommendations based on this.  As part of the process, we would cover and consider all areas of protection, such as income protection, critical illness, key person insurance and more.

Building and Contents Insurance

If you have a mortgage, be it a residential, commercial or buy to let, your mortgage lender would require you to have building insurance.  However, it is good practice to consider building and contents insurance.  Landlords often take out building insurance and some may even consider other options like rent guarantee, emergency cover and legal protection.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

We have included Wills and Powers of Attorney with the insurance section.  We feel that a Will and Powers of Attorney are an important part of future planning for an individual or a business and acts to insure your assets.  There are two types of Powers of Attorney, health & welfare and Finance & property.